FBN supports and promotes
a sustainable future
for all family businesses.


Family Business Network is the world's largest non-profit international organization whose members are owners, managers and relatives involved in family businesses.

Globally, it is family businesses that support the foundations of the economy and local communities.

Companies owned and managed by families account for about 70% of the world's companies, and the contribution of family businesses to GNP in major industrial countries is said to be between 40-60%.

In the U.S., it has been reported that 78% of new jobs created are by family businesses, as well as 59% of jobs and 49% of domestic production. In Japan, about 95% of companies are family businesses.

On the other hand, family businesses are often associated with negative impressions such as inefficiency, closedness, small size, and poor governance. However, it has been proven in both Japan and the U.S. that they actually perform better than ordinary companies, and it is a widely known fact that there are many companies that are active globally.



FBN. Japan's main activities

FBN. Japan conducts various activities to contribute to the lasting prosperity of family businesses, including large-scale symposiums with prominent speakers, workshops where participants can learn about family businesses by exchanging opinions in an informal setting, family business visits, and participation in the World Summit where family business owners from around the world gather. In addition, we participate in the World Summit where family business owners from around the world gather.



For Families, By Families.

FBN.Japan started its activities in 2000, and in 2002, FBN.Japan was approved as a branch by FBN International and certified as a specified non-profit corporation by the Governor of Tokyo, and started its full-scale activities.

We oversees FBN's activities in Japan and serves as a liaison with FBN International.



Get involved in FBNJ activities.

We provide a place for people involved in family business to interact and learn.

Our goal is to help family businesses grow steadily and to raise meaningful issues for all companies in Japan.

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