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2020 Activity Report【Vol.2】Online Workshop No.1.(Co-organized with Research Institute for the Centennial Management)

After a hiatus in company visits and workshops due to the coronavirus, we held an online workshop in collaboration with the Research Institute for the Centennial Management (Chairperson, Prof. Toshio Goto).

This time we had Mr. Ihei Takatsu, President of Ninben Inc. as our speaker.
In commemoration of the 320th anniversary of Ninben’s founding, Mr. Takatsu assumed the name “Ihei Takatsu” for the 13th generation. In the online seminar, he talked about the history of Ninben and the factors that have contributed to the company’s continued existence for 320 years, as well as the meaning of “taking over a name” through a conversation with Representative Director Goto.


Date: Wednesday, August 19, 2020, 18:00-19:30
Venue: Zoom Broadcast Room


18:00-  Start, Greeting by Chairperson, Prof. Toshio Goto.
18:05-  Part 1: Talk Session (Ninben President Ihei Takatsu, Prof. Toshio Goto Toshio Goto)
18:53-  Part 2: Presentations by OIST counselors and experts
19:05-  Part 3: Wrap-up by Prof. Toshio Goto
19:15-  Question and answer session
19:30   Closing

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