Family Business Network

Family business is a universal business management form so that 97% of Japanese companies are said to be family business.

Family businesses are contributing for societies in term of local economy and employment for example, at the same time, misunderstandings such as small, inefficient, too much closed and without governance can’t be wiped out.

Family business has three factors like Business, Ownership and Family with complexity, influencing and checking each other. Compared with non-family business, obviously the factor of Family is giving the complexity which can give both advantage and disadvantage for family business.

Strong family business has longer term vision with consistency, and said to have strong and close relation with employees as well as 3rd parties.

For the prosperity of family business with sustainability, to have balance among Business, Ownership, and Family is indispensable to face with each tasks, problems and challenges.

FBN Japan is glad to welcome members to maximize our gift as Family business and minimize our weakness and risk.

With first class researches, new and old practices really implemented by family businesses around the world are our treasure. Hope them to be the treasure for Japanese family businesses.

Keiko x FBN