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2nd FBNJ Workshop Information 2024

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation with the activities of FBN Japan.

This time, as a special programme, we will visit Iinuma Honke Co. in the town of Shisui, Chiba Prefecture.

Iinuma Honke is a leading sake brewer in Shisui and was founded in the Genroku era (1688-1704). It has a history of about 300 years. Its representative brand is Kinoene Masamune. The brewery is close to the Tokyo metropolitan area and has an abundance of underground water, and is characterised by sake brewing that makes the most of the characteristics of ‘geographical advantages, water advantages and human skills’. The company is also involved in a wide range of related businesses, such as restaurants and real estate.

It is also a destination for the Learning Journey of the FBN Global Summit in October.

For more information on Iinuma Honke, please visit the website.

First, Mr Iinuma will talk about the history of the Iinuma family and other topics, followed by a meal with sake pairings to match the dishes at the restaurant Kinonene omoya.

Introduction to Kinouene omoya on the website.

‘The 300-year-old “main house”, which has been lived in by the head of the Iinuma family for generations, has been renovated as “Kinone omoya” serving sake and Nijushiseki cuisine. The old beams and fittings have been retained, while tables made from old wood used in the sake brewing process have been re-used, and chairs and lampshades made by the artist have been incorporated to create a new place for people to relax. In a relaxed atmosphere, enjoy dishes based on the theme of the 24 seasonal divisions, which are closely related to sake brewing, and special sake from the brewery.”

Why not enjoy an interesting talk by Mr Iinuma and enjoy the food & sake? We look forward to seeing you there.


Date and time: 25 March (Monday), 2024 17:30-20:30

Place: Iinuma Honke Co.

106 Mabashi, Sakai-cho, Inba-gun, Chiba Tel: 043-496-1111

Cost: Meals, approx. 17,000 yen (course of seasonal kaiseki cuisine and sake pairing)


Access (rail)

Approx. 8 mins by taxi from Shisui Station on the JR Narita Line.

10 mins by taxi from Keisei Shisui Station on the Keisei Honsen Line Limited Express.

We can also arrange a pick-up service on the day of the event.

Keiko x FBN