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2020 Activity Report【Vol.4】Online Workshop No.2.(Co-organized with Research Institute for the Centennial Management)

For the second session of the online workshop, we had Mr. Ippei Ichijo, a representative employee of Ichijo Ryokan, a limited partnership that runs a Japanese inn business “Tokioto no Yado Yunushi Ichijo” in Miyagi Prefecture.

Ichijo Ryokan was founded around 1428 A.D., and has been in business for about 600 years, with the current owner, Ippei Ichijo, being the 20th generation.

The current Ichihei Ichijo is the 20th generation of the family. While Ichijo Ryokan had to suspend its business for a certain period of time due to the Corona disaster, they quickly took measures in anticipation of a long-term battle, and now, with the momentum of the Go To Campaign, they are receiving customers every day.

This time, Mr. Ichijo talked about how he perceived COVID-19 and how he responded to it, including specific examples.


Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2020, 18:00-19:30
Venue: Zoom Broadcast Room


18:00-  Start Greeting by Prof. Goto
18:05-  Part 1: Talk Session
18:53-  Part 2: Summary and Q&A
19:13-  Part 3: Member Presentations
19:30   Closing

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