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【Fin】 Glamping (Camping、BBQ) One-Day Escape! 2021

Family Business Offsite 2021
Announcement of Glamping 2021

Family Business, a society where everyone participates
Fast Alone, Far Together
September has arrived and the weather has suddenly become cooler. I hope everyone is doing well.
Today, we are forgetting the days before Corona, but FBN Japan will hold a “meeting” on October 23 (Saturday) again this year, taking advantage of BIOTOPIA’s Camp Ragged Vol. 4.
Glamping at BIOTOPIA is something that we all look forward to, and it is the only opportunity that we currently have to get together. The Board of Directors and the Secretariat have been planning various events for this day, but most of them are difficult to realize at present, and Miss International Japan will not be able to participate this year.
In spite of the difficult circumstances, we hope that everyone will come and enjoy the introductory presentation, a performance by Mr. Tetsu Sato, Vice President of Nitten (Western-style painting division), and a lecture, “The Renaissance that Blossomed after the Plague,” which will relax you greatly, followed by presentations and discussions on two themes. The first is “World View from Sports. The first is “World View from Sports and Family Business” and the second is “Privatization of University Athletic Associations”.

“The Renaissance after the Plague
In the life events you have experienced, such as entrance examinations, art and sports were rarely chosen as subjects for entrance examinations, unless you knew exactly what you wanted to do at that time, and therefore school classes were more or less a place to relax. Therefore, school classes were more or less a “place to relax.” In their working lives after graduation, many of them may not have had any contact with the competition of efficiency and economies of scale. However, I believe that the partner to enrich our life is not money or honor (but also) “sensitivity and exhilaration” on the ethical and moral basis.
With the advent of IT, many tasks that can be done theoretically will have diminishing added value, and sensitivity and exhilaration may be given an unthinkable reputation. At the very least, inorganic businesses that ignore artistry will not be able to resist the tide of elimination.
I am convinced that sharpening our sensitivity to the art of each person will be a tangible and intangible strength. Please join us with as few preconceived notions as possible.

“Worldviews from Sports and Family Business”
The Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (Olypara) have been held and closed amidst much heated debate. We still have a lot of work to do to clean up the mess. For us, however, the beauty of the Olympics is a valuable asset, and we owe it to ourselves to make the most of it in our business in the future. Together with you, we will explore in depth what Dr. Muhammad Yunus (founder of Grameen Bank and 2006 Nobel Peace Prize laureate) said at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, which we are all familiar with. What do we really need, not just the pretend SDGs? Dr. Yunus is also a key person of Pari-Olipara, and is already working to realize a better society through sports through Yunus Sports Hub. Professor Okada of Kyushu University, who is one of Dr. Muhammad Yunus’ most trusted Japanese, will speak passionately about this topic.
He will also give a presentation on “Privatization of University Athletic Associations”. Please don’t think that this has nothing to do with family business. The term “gymnastics” is written in the dictionaries of the Showa era as employees who blindly listen to their bosses and carry out their goals regardless of the means. But as you can see from the Olympians, even in individual events, victory is not possible unless the latest science and mental training are applied as a team. Athletic associations are also changing, and some of them are changing their activities to be more compatible with society. They are not only collaborating with Family Business, which is rooted in the local community, and contributing to the health management and welfare of employees, but they are also related to the wellness of society, which is the goal of the SDGs.
Mr. Hiroshi Matsutani, who will give a presentation, is the former secretary general of the Waseda University Table Tennis Club and the nephew of the legendary Kiyoshi Nakamura, the coach of the Waseda Competition Club. He will talk about the changing role of university sports clubs with the times, and the value that has not yet been recognized.
“Corona Misfortune: Misfortune and Fortune Are Like a Coiled Rope
As in the past, let’s enjoy a slightly rusty meal (mainly barbecue) in the open air. Let’s start earlier at 5:00 and talk about what we have gained from the Corona disaster. Let’s leave the denial and the search for the culprit to the media. The scarcity of what we have gained will be a wonderful asset when the world “normalizes” one day.
Don’t get me wrong, the greatest added value that the Corona disaster is giving us is the opportunity and time to reset. Reset and Renewal is a gift to society, especially to Family Business.
In this session, the secretariat will provide a few “topics” to stimulate conversation, but in no way will this interfere with your discussion. No preparation is necessary, and we are confident that each of you will leave with only your own peace of mind.

Fast Alone, Far Together” is a famous African proverb. If you are going to embark on the long journey of family business, a trip with a select group of members may not be a bad idea, but a trip with an infrastructure that allows many people to participate will be more enjoyable and easier.
In the long autumn night, why don’t you join us and the panelists for a discussion?

Timetable (tentative)

Time Place Contents Person in charge
9:00~ BiOTOP!A office
A office In front of the north entrance of the main building Please use the parking lot in front of the north entrance of B!
10:00~ BiOTOP!
A marche me-byo ex plaza (free tour) Warm-up session
“A marche me-byo Ex-Plaza (free to visit) Warm-up session: “What is my pre-symptomatic state?
11:30~ 12:00 BiOTOP!
12:00 BiOTOP!A office
A office Lobby at the south entrance of the main building Registration begins
Please complete the registration before the afternoon session starts.
11:30~ 12:50
A marche 12:50
Café Saint-Jacques Lunch
A marche
Move to BiOTOP!A office
A office to the lobby at the south entrance of the main building
A office
A office Lobby at the south entrance of the main building Nitten “Western-style painting
Oil painting performance by Mr. Tetsu Sato

Move to BiOTOP!
A office to the southwest corner of the main building
14:00~ 14:25
BiOTOP!A office
A office Southwest corner of the main building Opening speech
14:25~ 15:05
BiOTOP!A office
A office Southwest corner of the main building Keynote speech
“The Renaissance after the Plague” by Tetsu Sato

Break Coffee Break
15:20~ 16:00
BiOTOP!A office
A office Southwest corner of the main building
“World View from Sports and Family Business” by Masaharu Okada
16:00~ 16:30
BiOTOP!A office
A office Southwest corner of the main building Keynote Speech
“Privatization of University Sports Associations” by Hiroshi Matsutani

A field Please move your car to the BiOTOP!
B!office north entrance parking lot → B!field parking lot P3
17:00 BiOTOP!
A field Toast, Dinner BBQ
A field 18:30~
BiOTOP!A field Lantern event starts (19:00-)
Time for chatting and appealing, campfire
A field Closing of BiOTOP!
A field 20:30 BiOTOP!
Mr. Takanashi
21:00~ 21:00
BiOTOP! A field dismissal
A field will be closed at 22:00.

Please note that the program is subject to change without notice. A field will be closed at 22:00.
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Theme: “The 5th Glamping (Camping) 2021 One-Day Escape!
Date: Saturday, October 23, 2021
Venue: me-byo valley BIOTOPIA (
300 Yamada, Oi-machi, Ashigarakami-gun, Kanagawa, Japan
Please fill in the following items and send this form to us by Friday, October 15, 2021.
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October 23 (Sat) Symposium Participation Fee (including BBQ)
¥15,000/adult 1 person ¥7,500/child (6-12 years old)
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